The Original Edu-Trainer!

Dr. Rick Chromey (the founder and President of MANNA!) has equipped leaders to lead, trainers to train and teachers to teach for nearly four decades. He's a popular author on leadership, culture, human motivation and faith.

He's penned over a dozen books, including four best-selling titles, including his most recent book GenTech: An American Story of Technology Change and Who We Really Are. Dr. Chromey has written for leading periodicals on children, youth and family. He travels widely to speak at conferences, conventions and other leadership events as "the Original Edu-trainer!" It's a title that fits him perfectly because audiences rave about his ability to create smiles while blending in powerful insights and inspiration.

Besides a masters in education, Dr. Chromey holds an earned doctorate in Leadership and the Emerging Culture from George Fox University and is an award-winning Toastmaster. He's taught full-time and served as an adjunct for several colleges and universities (currently teaching graduate online courses for Hope International University in Fullerton, CA). Rick's ability to translate topics and re-imagine information into memorable nuggets of insight has made him a popular instructor and trainer. Dr. Chromey's holds special expertise in emerging culture, leadership contexts, motivational theory and creative communication.

Rick is at his best when training people to be highly-motivated, productive and creative. His fast-paced, interactive and fun workshops are guaranteed to spark fresh insights and ideas in your team, staff or group. He also speaks to children and teens about overcoming adversity, living their dreams and enjoying life "hakuna matata" (based upon his training work in Africa).

On a personal level, Dr. Chromey is a small town Montana native who understands unique challenges in life--whether in school, home or work. He's learned to rise above troubles, navigate change and survive some difficult life traumas. Rick says, "Every obstacle holds opportunity and every problem is pregnant with possibility! After all, anyone can play a good hand but few get dealt such fortune. Most of us draw deuces not diamonds, jokers not jacks. The secret (and joy) to a full life is to take the hand you're dealt and turn it into a winner!"

In his spare time, Rick enjoys exploring the Great Northwest with his wife Linda, thrifting/picking, riding his Harley, watching baseball, writing, reading history and listening to music. He collects antique tech, baseball memorabilia and unique experiences.

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