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  • When Giants Fall (What the Demise of Sears and Roebuck Can Teach the Church) January 9, 2019
    Today is the last gasp of a retail Goliath. Either Sears ponies up $120 million dollars and supplies a clear plan for restructure, or the store will be sent to bankruptcy and formally liquidated. It will be the end of a megastore that ruled American commerce for 132 years. Sears was originally founded in 1886 […]
  • The Great Church Exodus: Three Reasons Why They Left November 28, 2018
    The Millennials have left the building. Countless kids who grew up in children’s and youth ministries, who memorized scripture at Vacation Bible School, who spent summers in church camps, who worshipped in age-segregated “children’s” and “teen” churches, who served as youth mentors, participated in mission trips around the world and enjoyed the finest youth ministry […]
  • America the Divided November 9, 2018
    America is deeply divided. This past election cycle has only deepened and widened the chasm between the Left and Right, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat. The Church, unfortunately, is caught in the crosshairs with both sides claiming they alone possess THE truth, God’s favor and the right path for the church’s future. In reality, […]