Will You Give?

MANNA! doesn't happen without financial partners. If everyone--and every church-- we serve can give just a little then we can all put a dent in this world.

"MANNA! is the best investment and use of my mission dollar.  I love giving to this organization!"

We know relationships are earned and fully believe that when you see what we do, when you experience how our training is different, when you are inspired by our resources, then you'll want to stand with us.

"A MANNA! workshop rocks!  It's not a boring lecture and you always leave with something new!"

​Your financial partnership seeds MANNA! with the ability to service organizations, conferences and churches who otherwise couldn't afford high quality training.  We're like a missionary to the CHURCH.  We go anywhere and will work with anyone.

MANNA! is only limited by partner support.  Would you please stand with us today?

"Give to MANNA!  It truly gives back to you."

​MANNA! is a non-profit educational service. All gifts are safely (and securely) processed through Moon Clerk and are tax deductible.

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1.  No one else does what we do to serve the Church in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and internationally. The point of MANNA! is to serve churches and organizations, both in the U.S. and all over the globe who cannot access and enjoy high-quality training.

2. Our focus is training Christian leaders to lead, teachers to teach, parents to parent and communicators to communicate.  We want to serve the local church and faith-based parachurch organizations with the best workshops, resources and inspirational helps.  Your gift empowers MANNA! to create new material, new workshops and new resources.

3.  It's important (and biblical) for Christians to support those called into full-time missionary work.  Jesus was supported by his friends.  So was Paul and other early church missionaries.  MANNA! wants to make the most of every dollar given and invest it back into the local churches served through the training we offer.  In the end, we all win.  The more you give the more MANNA! can go and train and serve.