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​​​​​​​​​​Dr. Rick Chromey desires to equip leaders, teachers, volunteers and parents through high quality, affordable, inspirational edu-trainment. Hosts cover costs for Rick to come to the training site and then are asked to provide a modest honorarium. MANNA! will work with any church, Christian school, faith-based organization or convention/conference (of any size and in any location).

RICK is also available to lead online (Zoom) training for your staff, volunteers, teams or training event. All workshops feature engaging and dynamic presentation software, plus interactive components for participants to converse, share and brainstorm the presentation material.



Financial partnerships with MANNA! help us to serve churches, conferences, Christian schools/colleges and other organizations in need of affordable training. We thank you, in advance, for any generosity to help Rick in this work.

The Daily MANNA! is a brief, visual and inspirational e-newsletter featuring a 90-second podcast, inspirational quotes, original memes, "On This Day in History," teaching videos and more.

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MANNA! Educational Services International offers workshops for leaders, teachers, leaders, pastors and communicators.  Follow this link to browse our workshops.