The MANNA! Mission

MANNA! Educational Services International exists to equip leaders, teachers, pastors and parents for spiritual leadership and Christian ministry.

Grace. Community. Empowerment. Dignity. Fun. Security.

What is it?

The effectiveness of any school, church, organization or business is a well-recruited, highly-trained and motivated staff. Unfortunately, in today's post-Covid culture that's become more and more difficult. As younger generations struggle to relate with older generations, often producing disrespect, labeling and miscommunication for all, it's clear that we need better understanding. The problem is a lot of "training" today is lame, boring, expensive and unproductive. During Covid we folded in the "Zoom" platform, but it only created more angst and anger (by those who preferred in-person or welcomed the ability to be more anonymous).

No one argues about the mess in public education today, the low test scores, poor motivation by both students and teachers, and the lack of respect for learning. However, when it comes to Christian education, it's even worse. In fact, if Sunday Schools were held to similar standards as public schools, most would be shut down overnight.

There has to be something "better." Who's going to lead the leaders, teach the teachers and pastor the pastors?


What is it?

For the past 30 years the Church in America has been in decline...and the "Covid Moment" only exposed the truth. If it weren't for the Boomer generation (born in the 1940s and 1950s), the last gasp of the old modern culture, many churches would fold. Look around...if your church is mostly gray or white haired, it's living on life support. When the average age of a local church exceeds 50 years of age, the death march begins. During Covid shutdowns, the Boomers learned how to watch televised church. Now, a few years after Covid, the majority of them still haven't come back. If they do, it's once a month or less. The attendance dip has also created a giving dip too, hurting churches bottom lines.

Despite a plethora of books, conferences and materials most churches, particularly the smaller ones, struggle to find, retain and motivate leaders to lead and teachers to teach. We have a leadership and discipleship crisis of epic proportions in the church.

Who will stand in the gap to serve those desperate for help, revival and change? Who will help the "little ones" in particular?

What is it?

There's a global hunger for quality education that empowers and equips leaders and teachers, whether in a church, school, business or organization.

American "missions" do great "relief" work in other countries but what's truly needed is "release" work: the training of native leaders and teachers who can reproduce what they've learned to influence and impact their own community. While the Boom generation is starting to exit (death), the younger generations--commonly known as Millennials and Gen Z--have largely abandoned Christianity. In fact, the agnosticism/atheism rate of Millennials (as compared to older generations) is double. And Gen Z is now double that number! Essentially, our youngest generations are primarily being raised in a secular culture. Their contact with Christianity is either minimal or disgusting, meaning they're either ignorant of Christian doctrine or they openly reject as repugnant (usually based upon their lifestyle choices). This creates an opportunity for Christians to love, serve and give; to show and live a lifestyle of PEACE, JOY and GRACE.

But that also begs more questions. If the younger generations are rejecting Christianity at higher levels, it also means there are fewer young men and women to assume future positions. Who's going to pastor tomorrow's churches? Who's going to educate tomorrow's Christians? Who's going to develop leaders for ministries, programs, groups and organizations? Who's going to travel to the ends of the world to train tomorrow's international leaders?

What is it?

During the Exodus, the Israelites were fed complimentary manna in the wilderness.

"Manna" in the Hebrew literally means "what is it?" It's a word rich in curiosity, substance and change. It's food for thought and LIFE.

It's also the perfect description for our organization's greater vision to serve churches, schools, organizations and businesses with high quality, insightful and life-changing life groups, presentations and consultations. That is our mission every single day. We exist to inspire and instruct individuals who desire to be leaders, teachers and pastors. We also help parents build Christian homes.

And we do through curious resources and presentations. We do it through substantial insights and ideas. We do it through transforming how we lead, teach, pastor and parent.

And we do it...every single day.

MANNA? What is it?

It's food for thought. It's food for a change. It's a mind gift for the soul. It's a heart treat for life.

Rick Chromey, D.Min., M.R.E

Rick Chromey, D.Min., M.R.E., has served as a pastor, professor and missionary for more than three decades learn more

"Face it, we live in a whole new world. It's one that requires a whole new type of leader, teacher and pastor. And that demands a fresh way to train, equip, inspire and empower."


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