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The American Heritage Series is a fascinating tour of U.S. history, particularly our Founding Era. Join historian David Barton as he takes you on a journey of the story of America to learn our true history, the influence of Christianity upon our Founding Fathers and why America was a unique and special nation.





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"Our citizens should early understand that the genuine source of correct republican principles is the Bible, particularly the New Testament, or the Christian religion. The Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children under a free government ought to be instructed. No truth is more evident than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.

(Noah Webster, Legislator, "Schoolmaster to America")

I do not believe that the Constitution was the offspring of inspiration, but I am as satisfied that it is as much the work of a Divine Providence as any of the miracles recorded in the Old and New Testament.

(Benjamin Rush, Signer of Declaration of Independence, Doctor, Treasurer of the US Mint)

You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ. These will make you a greater and happier people than you are.

(George Washington, 1st US President)

I verily believe that Christianity is necessary to support a civil society and shall ever attend to its institutions and acknowledge its precepts as the pure and natural sources of private and social happiness.

(Joseph Story, Signer of the Declaration, Constitutional Delegate)

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  • Why do you think George Washington is more criticized and scrutinized by modern historians? Why do they attack his morality and character?


  • When you consider how the true story of George Washington has been revised in recent biographies, how do you feel? Why?


  • David Barton noted that when you want to separate a following from a leader, you attack the leader. One area that George Washington has been targeted in recent years has been the fact he had slaves. What do you learn from the TRUTH about Washington, his view and actions in regards to Washington?


  • What do you think about George Washington’s prayer life?


  • There were seven specific “religious” activities at George Washington’s inaugural. Which one is most surprising to you? Why?

1) Washington swore his oath (to both man and God)
2) Washington swore upon a Bible
3) Washington then kissed the Bible
4) Washington then gave a prayer for the nation
5) Washington the delivered an overtly religious address
6) Congress then marched in unison to a local Baptist church for a sermon
7) To close the church service and Congress, a clergy man offered a prayer over President Washington.


  • God was so important to the Founding Fathers that they opened their congressional meetings with extended prayer and Bible study. How would Congress and American politics be different today if our legislators observed extended prayer and Scripture study?


  • Religion and morality are "indispensable supports" to a civil society, claimed George Washington. If that's true, how can America possibly be "civil" without a respect and reverence for religion?


  • Thomas Jefferson was one of the founders of the Virginia Bible Society, sent money to missionary organizations, attended church and even compiled a book on the "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth" (The Jefferson Bible). He wanted it to be a missionary tool to convert Indians to Christianity. And yet many historians today say Jefferson was a deist and agnostic. When you consider these historical facts and the popular ideas about Thomas Jefferson, what do you think? Why do they revise the story of this Founding Father?


  • Why do American historians focus more on the "victim history" of America and not its "religious history?" What political purpose is served by the promotion of a secular history of the United States?


  • The founders "preached" in their last wills and "testaments" for the truth of Jesus Christ and the veracity of Christianity. If you had to write a "last testament" about your faith, what would you write?


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As you journey through The American Heritage Series, you’ll be challenged to rethink your history, learn how to defend America's Christian roots and grow in biblical community.

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