Leading with Style

Leading With Style Workshop

Leadership is influence, and effective leaders recognize their personal style for guiding others.  This insightful and helpful learning session explores the four types of leaders (game show host, chef, stage manager and counselor), and provides helpful hints to maximize your influence as well as secrets to motivate those in your teams and on your staff with the other styles. If your leadership battery needs a re-charge, this interactive workshop is just the ticket.


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Participants will:

  • Discover his or her own unique leadership style.
  • Understand how his or her leadership personality impacts staff and influences change.
  • Identify leadership weaknesses and strengths.
  • Create leadership strategies within his or her personality to manage and resolve conflict.

WORKSHOP LENGTH: 45-75 Minutes

Every leader leads with personality! Now you can discover your "style" and how it produces success, creates conflict and generates change.