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We all learn with style. We all discover, process, apply and retain information either passively or actively, emotively or cognitively. Our style is the most natural way that we learn. It's our inner learning beast. And when we learn in environments that feed, pet, attend and play with this beast, we learn faster, better and longer. But there's a deeper truth for teachers: we tend to teach from our "beastly" nature. That means we can unintentionally ruffle the feathers (or fur) of other​

​learners. It's how conflicts in the classroom start.


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WORKSHOP LENGTH: 45-75 Minutes

Every student learns with personality! Now you can discover your "style" and how it produces success, creates conflict and generates change when you teach.


Participants will:

  • Discover his or her own unique learning style
  • Understand how his or her "beastly" personality impacts students and influences learning
  • Identify learning weaknesses and strengths
  • Create strategies to manage and resolve conflict