Motivate Me

Motivating Learning Without Gimmicks or Guilt

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Deep down everyone hungers to learn. The problem is educators prefer shortcuts that short-circuit inner motivation in the classroom. It's easier to use incentives and even punishments to motivate a learner. The problem? Study after study shows that the use of behavioral incentives to modify behavior fail to provoke long-term results. Is there a better way? Absolutely! Just feed the NEEDS.

Or, as we call'em...the GROWLS...and watch'em learn!

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Participants will:

  • Learn the six inner needs of every student
  • Understand the danger and failure of incentive-based learning strategies in classroom management
  • Create fresh ideas that foster environments rich in grace, community, empowerment, dignity, pleasure and security

WORKSHOP LENGTH: 45-90 Minutes

In this engaging, fun and insightful workshop, teachers discover how to create a classroom environment that feeds learners' real needs.