Motivate Me

Motivating Learning Without Gimmicks or Guilt

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Deep down everyone hungers to learn. The problem is educators prefer shortcuts that short-circuit inner motivation in the classroom. It's easier to use incentives and even punishments to motivate a learner. The problem? Study after study shows that the use of behavioral incentives to modify behavior fail to provoke long-term results. Is there a better way? Absolutely! Just feed the NEEDS.

Or, as we call'em...the GROWLS...and watch'em learn!

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Participants will:

  • Learn the six inner needs of every student
  • Understand the danger and failure of incentive-based learning strategies in classroom management
  • Create fresh ideas that foster environments rich in grace, community, empowerment, dignity, pleasure and security

WORKSHOP LENGTH: 45-90 Minutes

In this engaging, fun and insightful workshop, teachers discover how to create a classroom environment that feeds learners' real needs.



An engaging hour long conversation with Kristy Houle on "The Classroom Matters" podcast (sponsored by Educate Today. During this conversation we discuss the reasons students become disinterested in school/class, how to motivate a person authentically and honestly and motivating students who don’t care.