Sticky Church

Sticky Church Workshop

It's the number one problem in most churches: attracting and keeping visitors and guests. Even the largest churches struggle with member retention. The reason? They aren't naturally "sticky." They don't have a natural attractiveness to draw and/or retain people. In this insightful workshop, you'll discover the powerful "Rule of 3's" that guide this process. You'll learn what to do to meet the needs of visitors, returning guests and even long-time members.


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WORKSHOP LENGTH: 45-75 Minutes

Every person has particular needs and "itches." Scratch or feed them at the right time and you'll create a naturally attractive environment.


Participants will:

  • Learn the Rule of 3s and it's influence
  • Identify weaknesses and strengths in guest relations and membership development
  • Develop fresh strategies to produce "sticky" environments for every type of person in their church: guest, irregular member, complacent members and active members