Volunteer On

Volunteer On Workshop

Are you tired of constantly recruiting?  Need fresh insight into why volunteers keep quitting?  Are you ready to take your staff to a whole new level?  The key is to tap inner motivation.  We all have it.  Your volunteers crave it.  The problem is we misread and mis-feed these inner needs that spark creativity, loyalty and enthusiasm.  In this workshop, you'll learn the six inner needs that inspire and empower your teams to go above and beyond and why some of our tactics backfire, even de-motivate volunteers.


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WORKSHOP LENGTH: 60-75 Minutes


Participants will:

  • Learn the six inner needs of every volunteer, employee or staff member
  • Understand the danger and failure of incentive-based strategies to motivate staff
  • Create fresh ideas that foster working environments rich in grace, community, empowerment, dignity, pleasure and security