Manna! Learning Philosophy

MANNA! believes learning is a change in what a person knows (understanding), feels (attitudes) and does (lifestyle). Consequently, learning happens when students embrace truth through interactive, experiential and visual methods that are prepared and focused by compassionate, creative teachers.

All MANNA! workshops feature interactive, experiential learning plus engaging visual Keynote presentation packages. MANNA! is about spreading the knowledge, nourishing insight and ideas and empowering teachers to teach, leaders to lead and parents to parent. ​

New workshops and series are continually added.

Manna! Education - Rev Rick Chromy


Dr. Rick Chromey has several workshops available related to his new book "GenTech: An American Story of Technology, Change and Who We Really Are." These workshops include focused sessions on the iTech Generation (b. 2000-2020), the Robo Generation (b. 2010-2030) and how to teach and lead various generations. For more information, please visit

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Leader Training

(For those who lead in a church, school, organization or business)


Parent Training

(For parents... you know who you are!)

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Trainer & Communicator Training

(For anyone who speaks!)

MANNA! Educational Services International has several specialized workshops for public speakers, trainers, and other communicators. These titles will be published soon.