Manna! Learning Philosophy

Fundamentally, learning is a change in what a person knows (understanding), feels (attitudes) and does (lifestyle). Consequently, learning happens when students embrace truth through interactive, experiential and visual methods that are prepared and focused by compassionate, creative teachers.

All of Rick's workshops feature interactive, experiential learning plus engaging visual Keynote presentation packages. Just like "manna" was food for the Israelites in their desert sojourn, so are Rick's workshops designed to spread knowledge, nourish insight and ideas, and empower teachers to teach, leaders to lead and parents to parent. ​

New workshops and series are continually added.

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Dr. Rick Chromey has numerous workshops available related to his new book "GenTech: An American Story of Technology, Change and Who We Really Are."

  • Generations: Understanding Who We Really Are
  • Let's Talk T-E-C-H: Understanding How Different Generations Relate and Communicate
  • GenBoom! Understanding the Boom & Gen X Generations (born pre-1980)
  • Generation NExT: Reaching the Millennials (born in the 1980s and 1990s)
  • Reaching the iTech Family: Understanding Millennials as Parents
  • Rise of the iTechs: Reaching the Generation Born between 2000-2020
  • Meet the Robos: The Future is H.A.I.R.Y. for the post-2010 generation

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Leader Training

(For those who lead in a church, school, organization or business)


Parent Training

(For parents... you know who you are!)

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Miscellaneous Workshops

MANNA! Educational Services International has several specialized workshops related to various themes and topics:

Founding Faith: How America was Founded as a Christian Nation

Route 66: The MAP to Truth (The Compelling Evidences to Prove the Word of God is the Word of God)

Jurassic Parked: Dinosaurs, Science and the Bible

Speaking with Power: The Four Keys to Effective Communication to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!